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Indirect Air Conditioning Cycle Test Rig
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Computerised Air Conditioning Cycle Test Rig
Window Air Conditioning Cycle Test Rig
Water Chilling Plant
Evaporative Cooler
Experimental Bottle Cooler
Heat Pipe Demonstrator
Natural Cooling Tower
Forced Draught Cooling Tower
Water-Water Heat Pump Test Rig
Air-Water Heat Pump Test Rig
Cascade Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig
Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig
Vapour Adsorption Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig
Automobile Air Conditioning Cycle Test Rig
Vortex Tube Cooling Apparatus
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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Ice Plants & our setup is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

To study all components used in refrigeration system.
To study the Vapor compression Refrigeration cycle.
To study the concept of Ice formation.
To determine the Refrigeration Effect, Work Input, Actual C.O.P., Carnot C.O.P., Theoretical C.O.P., Relative C.O.P., Ton of Refrigeration, and Plant Efficiency.
Compressor : Hermetically sealed compressor.
Condenser : Air Cooled condenser made out of copper pipe & Aluminum fins of matching capacity with fan cooling.
Brine Tank : Brine Tank made out of stainless steel sheets, insulated from all sides with provision to hold cans, evaporator coil at one side & an arrangement to drain the brine solution. A door is provided at the top of this tank.
Expansion device : Thermostatic expansion valve (Danfoss make).
Energy Meter : For power measurement of compressor.
Pressure Gauge : 2 Nos. for H.P., L.P. measurement
Suitable filter / drier.
Hand Shut Off type Service valve.
Ice Can : 9 Nos.
Set of thermocouples.
12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
HP-LP Cutout : Make Ranco /Danfoss or Equivalent.
Switches : For compressor, condenser fan & a agitation system.
Voltmeter : 0 - 250 V.
Ammeter : 0 - 15 A.
Thermostat : Ranco or equivalent
2.5 m.(L ) x 1.5 m. (W)
@ 350 Kg
POWER SUPPLY :440 V. A.C., 50 Hz.
SALT : @ 100 Kg.